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A unique route where you make horse riding, with elements of tracking, as well as water rafting! Together with a team of professionals you will visit the Valley of Volcanoes, see the lake right inside the volcano! Pass the pass to the valley of the Khoyto-Gol River, visit the hot and mineral springs! Also in addition to this tour, we are ready to offer you to go the rafting route! It includes passing thresholds of different categories of complexity, as well as incredible landscapes and amazing places.

Volcano valley
Mount Mamai is the best location for who simply cannot live without an adrenaline rush and love extreme sports! Favorite place for freeride! It is located in the southern part of Lake Baikal, in the area of the Khamar-Daban massif! You will not find more fluffy and beautiful snow anywhere! However, Mamai is beautiful not only in winter, but also in summer, we assure you, there is something to see here! Amazing mountain landscapes and breathtaking views - all this is Mamai. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the Great Mountain!

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