As long as hearts untainted live,
As long as freedom keeps the fire
Unique full immersion expedition tour
Dates: 05/19/2020 - 06/03/2020
Unique adventure and story
One of a kind route
Create your own adventure!
Contact with our travel-expert and we can realize any of your travel fantasies!
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What adventure do you like?
Dreams are just around the corner!
Related to the history of the Decembrists ' penal servitude
> 100 locations
> 30 experts
Ensure the quality and safety of the expedition
> 5000
Kilometers will be covered
on the route
16 days
Every day is a new discovery and a new place
On the way you will find
The most significant data about the expedition that you need to know
Cost of participation
How much can one of the brightest memories in your life cost?
Stay in TWN / DBL rooms
from $390 per day
Stay in SGL rooms
from $450 per day
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